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BCA: Your link to professional camaraderie/encouragement

Even after reading through the manual and trying everything imaginable, my wife and I could not get the engine in our car to start. It was 10:30 p.m. We were in Memphis, not in Jackson where we belonged.

Reality set in, and I pushed the little red button across from my car's window and summoned a towing service. Next, I pushed the little blue button just beneath my review mirror and began a conversation with someone far, far away.

Before even saying hello, she asked, "Are you okay and in a safe place?" I'm sure she has helped out in circumstances far more dire than ours, but at that moment we were very grateful for her assistance.

After an evening and early morning involving a number of people, we were on our way home. All is well, and it started with an almost magical link to a person I'll probably never meet. She is without a doubt one that knows how to take care of the details.

Thinking back over my time in SBC communications, it's easy to recall a host of friends, each with a unique set of gifts. Some see the infinite number of details that must be managed in order to achieve a goal or meet a deadline successfully. Others are more visionary and have a unique ability to see the future's potential.

Through years of involvement in communication, whether many or few, each one of us has become a blend. Our job descriptions have expanded into areas we might not actually include on our list of personal gifts. In fact, we may have days or even weeks that we spend working in some pretty uncertain territory. Doing our jobs is quite often a real adventure.

One of the best things about my unseen assistant last night was how she called back several times during the evening to make sure the plan was working. When we finally reached the end of our surprise experience, she checked one last time to confirm that we were on the road again and that we were okay. Sound familiar?

We all have times when we need help or encouragement. It may be about something small, and a quick conversation is the perfect remedy. But there are times when we find ourselves in deep water, praying help will come. Weve all been there.

Just as the members of a local church are richly diverse, BCA is packed with a wide range of personalities and gifts. Some manage the big picture; others take care of the infinite details. The places we work are just as different. Some work in large offices with a fast-paced atmosphere; some may not see another person all day. This broad description of our BCA membership is near the heart of its strength.

Late last night when our car decided to take a 12-hour break, that mystery voice provided the on-the-spot help we needed. Among the benefits of BCA membership, encouragement and assistance are near the top.

If you've not yet renewed your membership, there's no better time than now. And, if you know of someone who would benefit from being a part of this diverse organization, encourage that person to join.

Just as I had the "link" in my car to my much-needed assistance, here is your link to discovering professional encouragement and camaraderie: http://baptistcommunicators.org/membership/join.cfm

POSTED: Oct 2, 2013 | Jim Veneman - jimveneman@gmail.com

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