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Assistant Editor/Officer Manager, Arkansas Baptist News - jessica@arkansasbaptist.org

Benefits of membershiphood

It's amazing how clearly your childhood self reflects who you really are. In a sea full of communicators, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that - in some form or another - I've always had a thing for words and storytelling. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised I became a journalist.

In fact, on my first day at my first journalism job, my coworker waxed eloquently about an organization called "Baptist Communicators Association," affectionately known as "BCA."

Her words made me excited to join, so now I want to take a moment to pass that excitement on to you by describing some of the opportunities that await you on the other side of BCA membershiphood (I told you - I have a thing for words... I just didn't say it was a good thing!). Current members, I realize you know how great BCA is already, but keep reading because there is new information for you too!

Every year, BCA members gather for an annual conference, rich with professional development and networking opportunities. The conference also plays host to the annual BCA awards competition, allowing members to submit their work to be judged by experts in their fields and then be recognized by their peers for their stellar work.

But professional development is not limited to the annual conference. This year, there are opportunities to further your craft throughout the year via the Web. And the key is  the sooner you join (or renew), the more you will benefit from these professional development opportunities!

And then, of course, there is the community. BCA provides a wonderful group of friends who can identify with your passion for communication, as well as a network of people across the world who are ready to encourage, offer assistance, provide guidance or simply discuss strategies.

Those of you who are renewing your membership have experienced many of these aspects already, but I encourage you to renew quickly because change is a'comin' and youre going to love the new professional development just around the corner!

For those of you who are considering joining BCA for the first time, let me just set you at ease. Whether you are joining for the annual conference, awards competition, professional development, encouraging community or because the guy in the next cubical bribed you, it is an investment you will not regret!

Joining or renewing your membership couldn't be easier. Here's the link: http://baptistcommunicators.org/jobs/. Now rev up those fingers and fill out that form - we want you in our membershiphood!

Now it's time to go study my vocabulary...

POSTED: Jul 11, 2013

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