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BCA 2007 Workshop Resources

Mobile 2007 Resources

Keynotes and Special Presentations Resource
Tribute to Diane Reasoner by David Winfrey MP3
Communicating a Vision: From the CEO's Perspective by Mark Foley MP3
The BCA Song written by Doug Rogers DOC
Words That Stand People On Their Feet by Joe McKeever Part 1 - MOV
Part 2 - MOV
Session Resource
The Art of Magazine Production led by Todd Mullins PDF
Big Campaigns, Small Budgets led by Lee Insko MP3 | DOC Recap
Communications Strategies for the Digital Age led by Bill Bangham MP3
Copyright and Other Mysteries of Life led by Jim Swedenburg MP3
Crafting Pictures that Move People led by Bill Bangham
Crisis Communication led by Lisa Sergent PPT
Eureka! Finding Just What You Need on the Web by Keith Hinson
How to Build Rockin’ Cool Web Sites by Cory Miller PDF | MP3
How to Conduct Great Interviews led by Barbara Denman MP3
Internet Marketing Tips led by Steve Espinosa DOC
iPods and YouTube and Blogs, Oh My! led by Jim Swedenburg
Maintaining Your Spiritual Focus led by Cecil Taylor DOC
Marketing Research 101 led by Lesa Moore PPT
The One Person Shop led by Scott Vaughan
Photography: Who, What, When, Why and How led by Denis Palmer DOC
Photoshop Tips and Tricks led by Melanie Adcock PDF
The Ten Commandments of Desktop Publishing led by Melanie Adcock PPT
Time Management for Creative People led by Dale Johnson MP3
Using Blogs in Ministry led by Cory Miller PDF | MP3
What’s Up with Church Marketing? led by Scott Vaughan MP3
When Your CEO Makes Headlines (panel discussion) led by Kathy Dean
Writing for Non-writers led by Sondra Washington/Jennifer Rash PPT
Writing for the Eyes and Ears led by Ty Wood

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