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BCA Fall Forum - October 27, 2022

BCA Fall Forum - October 27, 2022

Our Ninth Annual Fall Forum

Representing communications teams from across the SBC, presenters will talk about a wide range of topics. The format of the forum will be fast-paced, with brief presentations followed by short times of discussion. From life-altering, unexpected moments, to projects that reshaped one's future, topics will come from the presenter's own life and work experiences.

You're invited to join us on the BCA Facebook page Thursday, October 27, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. EST for our 9th Annual BCA Fall Forum. Presenters will be online during and following their presentations to answer questions via Chat. Watch this site for speakers soon!


0:00 – Welcome
Joshua Minatrea, BCA President & Carol Pipes, BCA Professional Development Coordinator

Kyle Worley 0:02 - Session 1
Counter-cultural Communication
Kyle Worley, Pastor of Mosaic Church, Richardson, Texas, and host of the Knowing Faith Podcast.

Our message today is counter-cultural and becoming more so each day. How do we communicate our counter-cultural message in a winsome, non-argumentative, truthful way in a manner that honors God?

Dan Darling 0:28 – Session 2
Developing a New Social Media Culture
Dan Darling, Director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Rather than tearing down the body of Christ through social media posts, as denominational communicators, we can develop a new social media culture that builds up the body of Christ and helps to expand the kingdom of God. What would that look like?

Y Bonesteele Ann Lovell 0:51 – Session 3
Cross-cultural Communication
Ann Lovell, International Mission Board
Y Bonesteele, Lifeway Christian Resources

Cross-cultural communication is so necessary in today’s multicultural world but is somewhat misunderstood. It’s much more than simply translating something (a video, story, social media post, etc.) and thinking we have done our part.

Todd Adkins 1:28 – Session 4
Creating a Winning Team Culture in the Workplace
Todd Adkins, Director, Lifeway Leadership

Whether your team is two people or 20, each communications professional needs to have everyone pulling together to accomplish the team’s strategy and goals. How do you build that culture, rather than allowing chaos, one-upmanship, or slackers to creep into the team?

1:47 – Closing Remarks, Margaret Colson, Joshua Minatrea & Carol Pipes