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Baptist Communicators Association

About the Baptist Communicators Association

BCA is a professional development association for Baptist communicators like you. We've been around since 1953 and bring benefits to a nationwide membership of approximately 300. Most of our members come from Southern Baptist agencies (IMB, NAMB, WMU, etc.), state conventions, Baptist newspapers, and Baptist universities. We fall into seven interest categories: editorial, public relations, electronic media, photography, management, marketing, and graphic design.

Our main mission is to assist Baptist personnel in communications in professional growth and fulfillment. We share useful ideas and enable members to do effective communications planning and achieve superior results. We also provide a reinforcing fellowship for members and give recognition for outstanding professional achievement. We offer email updates, placement registry, workshop and awards competition which is held in conjunction with the workshop every year. Learn how to join.

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Baptist Communicators Association

Executive Director: Margaret Colson | 678-641-4457
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