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BCA Membership Directory

BCA Members Sorted by Group

BCA Members sorted by affinity group
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Name Title Organization Membership
Isaiah Aguirre Director of communications California Baptist University 2015-Present
Shannon Baker Director of Communications; Editor, BaptistLIFE Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware 2000-Present
Scott Barkley Production Editor The Christian Index 2005-Present
Allan Blume Editor/President Biblical Recorder 2011-Present
Casi Bowers Director of marketing information Baylor University 2015-Present
Erich Bridges Retired International Mission Board LIFETIME MEMBER
Dianna Cagle Assistant Managing Editor Biblical Recorder 2006-Present
Diana Chandler Staff writer Baptist Press 2013-Present
Michael Chute Professor of journalism California Baptist University 1972-1982; 2001-2007; 2015-Present
Lynn Clayton Retired Baptist Message LIFETIME MEMBER
Kenny Day Marketing Communications Coordinator Oklahoma Baptist University 2015-Present
Todd Deaton Editor Western Recorder 1999-Present
Marie Delph Deputy Communications Director Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2013-Present
Margaret Dempsey-Colson Executive Director Baptist Communicators Association 2008-Present
Chris Doyle Associate Editor Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Jim Edminson Editor/Marketing and Public Relations Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina 1989-Present
Tim Ellsworth Associate Vice President for University Communications Union University 2002-present
Meredith Flynn Managing Editor Illinois Baptist State Association 2014-Present
Nathan Handley Content development specialist Union University 2016-Present
Rebekah Hardage Lead marketing writer Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Shawn Hendricks Managing Editor Baptist Press 1998-Present
Emily Howsden Staff writer Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2017-present
Andy Kanengiser University News Coordinator Mississippi College 2008-2011, 2013-Present
Brian Kaylor Editor and President Word & Way 2004-2011/2016-present
Carol Campbell Layton Administrative and Communications Manager North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry 2011-Present
Tammi Ledbetter News Editor Southern Baptist Texan 2010-Present
Elizabeth Lombardo Senior marketing writer Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Sharon Mager Communications Specialist Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware 2014-Present
Dan Martin Retired Baptist General Convention of Texas LIFETIME MEMBER
Julie McGowan Associate Director, Editorial International Mission Board 1996-Present
Carrie McWhorter Correspondent The Alabama Baptist 2013-Present
Lisa Misner Communications Director, Contributing Editor Illinois Baptist State Association 2001-2011; 2014-Present
Shelly Moon Senior writer Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Walker Moore Columnist, Baptist Messenger Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Faith Morgan Writer North American Mission Board 2015-Present
Hannah Munoz Intern The Alabama Baptist 2014-Present
Robert O'Brien Missions Communications Consultant Virginia Baptist Mission Board LIFETIME MEMBER
Van C. Payne Principal/Owner Mockingbird Communications 1984-Present
Bonnie Pritchett News Correspondent Southern Baptist Texan 2012-Present
Jennifer Rash Executive Editor The Alabama Baptist 1996-Present
Eric Reed Editor Illinois Baptist State Association 2014-Present
David Roach Chief National Correspondent Baptist Press 2008-2010; 2014-Present
Sally Robbins Manager of brand editorial GuideStone Financial Resources 2011-Present
John Roberts Editor Emeritus The Baptist Courier LIFETIME MEMBER
Jane Rodgers Freelance Correspondent Southern Baptist Texan 2013-Present
Michael Schueler Director of communications Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma 2005-Present
Holly Smith Managing Editor California Southern Baptist 2002-Present
Mary E. Speidel Retired senior Editor/Writer International Mission Board 1984-Present
Marilyn Stewart Assistant Director for News and Information New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 2015-Present
Lindsay Swartz Managing Editor of Content Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2014-Present
Bob Terry Editor, CEO The Alabama Baptist 1975-Present
Art Toalston Senior Editor Baptist Press 1984-2002,2007-Present
R. Chip Turner Director of Communication and Training PRAY Publishing LIFETIME MEMBER
Amy VanVleck Senior corporate communications editor Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Maggie Walsh Newswriter The Alabama Baptist 2014-Present
Greg Warner Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Charles Warren Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Joe Westbury Managing Editor The Christian Index 1976-Present
Iris White Managing Editor Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware 2013-Present
Lonnie Wilkey Editor Baptist and Reflector 1998-Present
Dana Williamson Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Charles Willis Retired LifeWay Christian Resources LIFETIME MEMBER
Meredith Yackel Ministry Specialist North American Mission Board 2014-Present
Caleb Yarbrough Associate Editor Arkansas Baptist News 2011-Present
Tim Yarbrough Editor/Executive Director Arkansas Baptist News 1990-Present
Elizabeth Young Director of Communications Arizona Southern Baptist Convention 1983-Present
Electronic Media
Name Title Organization Membership
Grant Bivens Web Developer Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2012-Present
Farrell Blankenship Retired Mississippi Baptist Convention LIFETIME MEMBER
Barry Dollar Web Director Georgia Baptist Convention 2008-Present
Justin Garcia Webmaster Mississippi College 2008-2011; 2013-Present
Jon Graham State Missionary/Associate Georgia Baptist Convention 2007-Present
Lacey Graham Web/Social Media Administrator Georgia Baptist Convention 2014-Present
Rod Hampton State Missionary/ Associate Consultant Georgia Baptist Convention 2000-Present
Brian Harris Web/Social Media Strategist Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions 2009-present
Tony Hudson Video Producer North American Mission Board 2007-2013; 2016-Present
Walter Johnson Video Communications Technician Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2014-Present
Doug Keesey President/Managing Partner OneMissionTV/LLC 2016-present
Scott Lancaster Multimedia Producer Union University 2010-Present
Matthew McDaniel Lead creative multimedia producer Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Sam Morris Electronic Marketing Specialist Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Judy Ramsey Website Strategist South Carolina Baptist Convention 2007-Present
Ian Richardson Communication Services, Department Director Mississippi Baptist Convnetion Board 2002-Present
Bethany Rogers Communications Specialist Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association 2011-Present
Doug Rogers Communications Coordinator Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions 1986-Present
Kimber Ross Communications Coordinator Baptist Convention of New England 2016-present
Mike Salva Media Specialist Tennessee Baptist Convention 2014-2015; 2016-Present
Cory Sams Audio/Visual Strategist Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Cam Tracy Web Development Agent Union University 2001-Present
Hannah Wallace Public Relations Assistant Mississippi College 2016-present
Jared Walters Web communication specialist Mississippi College 2015-Present
Linda Wilkins Web Development Georgia Baptist Convention 2016-Present
Ty Wood Retired Florida Baptist Convention LIFETIME MEMBER
Paul Wynn Managing Partner/Producer OneMissionTV/LLC 2016-present
Graphic Design
Name Title Organization Membership
William Adams Graphic designer Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
David Calvert Graphic Designer II Guidestone Financial Resources 2007-Present
Hayley Catt Production Designer North American Mission Board 2016-present
Jesse Conte Art Director Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions 2003-Present
Sean Copley Design Editor Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware 2002-Present
Royce DeGrie Senior graphic designer/staff photographer Tennessee Baptist Convention 2016-present
Shawn Elledge Art Director North American Mission Board 2006-Present
Natasha Fullard Freelance Graphic Designer 2011-Present
Lauren Chow Grim Graphic Artist The Alabama Baptist 2006-Present
Hannah Hanzel Art director Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2016-Present
Scott Heit Director of Creative Services Union University 2010-Present
Russell Lightner Graphic Designer Southern Baptist Texan 2009-10; 2011-12; 2014-Present
Amanda Pritchard Graphic Designer University of Mobile 2013-Present
Bobby Puffenburger Graphic Specialist Innovative Faith Resources 2015-Present
Corinne Rochotte Graphic designer Tennessee Baptist Convention 2016-Present
Garland Sepulveda Graphic Designer GuideStone Financial Resources 2010-Present
Gary Thomas Cartoonist Arkansas Baptist News 2014-2015; 2016-Present
Ryan Thomas Graphic Designer Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Olivia Tichavsky Senior graphic designer Baylor University 2011-2014; 2015-Present
Eric Yarbrough Director of Marketing Design Baylor University 1999-Present
Rene Zimny Assistant Director of Graphic Services Ouachita Baptist University 2013-Present
Name Title Organization Membership
John Ambra Director of development Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Bill Bangham Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Judy Bates Department Head GuideStone Financial Resources 2003-Present
Bill Boatwright Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Stephanie Boone Communications ministry assistant Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2017-Present
Anita Bowden Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Thomas J. Brannon Retired Baptist General Convention of Texas LIFETIME MEMBER
Seth Brown Content Editor Biblical Recorder 2015-Present
Jack Brymer Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Jim Burton Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Floyd Craig Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Daniel Darling Vice President of Communications Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2013-Present
Mike Ebert Executive Director of Public Relations North American Mission Board 2008-Present
Dan Euliss Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Joe Fontenot Marketing strategist New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 2017-Present
Trennis Henderson Vice President for Communications Ouachita Baptist University 1982-Present
Donald S. Hepburn Director, Public Relations/Missions Promotion/1971-Present Florida Baptist Convention LIFETIME MEMBER
Marc Hooks Associate director of missions/director of communication Collin Baptist Association 2012-Present
Karen Kinnaird Advertising Accounts Manager Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Linda Lawson Retired LifeWay Christian Resources LIFETIME MEMBER
Ron Lawson Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Brandon Pickett Vice President/Director of Mobilizing and Communications Innovative Faith Resources/SBC of Virginia 2006-Present
Philip Poole Executive Director of Communications Samford University 1978-Present
Lauren Reynyells News correspondent intern Southern Baptist Texan 2016-Present
John Seelig Retired Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary LIFETIME MEMBER
Mark Strange State missionary/specialist Georgia Baptist Convention 2015-Present
Mary Jane Welch Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Amy Whitfield Director of Communications Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Name Title Organization Membership
Becky Buchanan Communications manager Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Michael D. Creswell Cooperative Program Consultant Baptist State Convention of North Carolina 1974-Present
Lesa Moore Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations University of Mobile 2007-Present
Sandra Richards Director of Enrollment Management Marketing The Baptist College of Florida 2006-Present
G. Ken Satterfield Marketing Coordinator Word&Way 1990-Present
Amanda Smith Communications Director First Baptist Church Montgomery 2011-Present
Brenda Tacker Associate Director of Marketing Information Baylor University 1999-Present
Trey Taulbee Creative Director University of Mobile 2012-Present
Mark A. Wyatt Vice President for Marketing and Communications California Baptist University 1984-Present
Name Title Organization Membership
Steve Cooke Visual Journalist Steve Cooke 2011-Present
Maria Estes Photographer Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Robert Rogers Director of Photography and Video Communications Baylor University 2009-Present
Jeremy Scott Photographer Oklahoma Baptist University 2016-present
Jim Veneman Visiting Professor--Journalism/New Media California Baptist University 1984-Present
Public Relations
Name Title Organization Membership
Terry Barone Director of Communications California Southern Baptist Convention 1980-Present
Michael C. Blackwell President Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina 1986-Present
Elizabeth Bristow Press Secretary Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2013-Present
Katherine Chute Director of Communications Gateway Seminary 2012-Present
Kathy Dean Director of Media Relations University of Mobile 2006-Present
Barbara L. Denman Retired Florida Baptist Convention LIFETIME MEMBER
Jay Durham Retired Home Mission Board LIFETIME MEMBER
Wilmer C. Fields Retired SBC Executive Committee LIFETIME MEMBER
Tracey Harrison Director of Public Relations Mississippi College 2008-2011, 2013-Present
Roy Hayhurst Department head: Denominational and Public Relations Guidestone Financial Resources 2006-2011; 2015-present
Keith Hinson Public Relations Associate Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions 1997-Present
Brian Hobbs Director of Communications Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2009-Present
Carmon Keith Promotion Coordinator, Communication Team North American Mission Board 1994-2015; 2016-Present
Ishmael LaBiosa Media Specialist Innovative Faith Resources 2011-Present
Gomer Lesch Retired Baptist Sunday School Board LIFETIME MEMBER
Ann Lovell Corporate director of communications LifeSpire Living 2008-Present
Gary Myers Director of Public Relations New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary 2002-Present
Stella Prather Communications Director Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes 1997-Present
Charles Richardson Retired Hardin-Simmons University LIFETIME MEMBER
Chris Turner Director of Communication Tennessee Baptist Convention 1997-2009, 2011-Present
Jill Waggoner Deputy Press Secretary Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2013-Present
Brooke Zimny Assistant Director of Communications Ouachita Baptist University 2011-Present