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BCA Membership Directory

BCA Members Sorted by Organization

BCA Members sorted by organization
Name Title Membership Group
Bill Bangham Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Bill Boatwright Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Anita Bowden Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
James Cox Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Floyd Craig Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Meredith Flynn Freelance Writer 2014-Present Editorial
Ron Lawson Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Philip Poole Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Art Toalston Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Greg Warner Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Charles Warren Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Mary Jane Welch Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Joe Westbury Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Dana Williamson Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Tim Yarbrough Communications and public relations consultant 1990-Present Editorial
Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions
Name Title Membership Group
Mitchell Bruce Associate for Media Production 2021-Present Electronic Media
Jesse Conte Art Director 2003-Present Graphic Design
Keith Hinson Associate for Public Relations and Christian Ethics 1997-Present Public Relations
Doug Rogers Director, Communications and Technology Services 1986-Present Electronic Media
Arizona Southern Baptist Convention
Name Title Membership Group
Elizabeth Young Director of Communications 1983-Present Editorial
Arkansas Baptist State Convention
Name Title Membership Group
Mary Alford Creative Content Producer 2022-Present Electronic Media
Alex Blankenship Photographer/Videographer 2021-Present Photography
Ethan Dial Digital Media Manager 2021-Present Electronic Media
Criag Jenkins Director of Convention Advancement and News 2021-Present Management
Travis McCormick Interim Managing Editor 2021-Present Editorial
Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina
Name Title Membership Group
Jim Edminson Asst. to President/Editor of Charity and Children 1989-Present Editorial
Blake Ragsdale Director of Communications 2003-Present Public Relations
Baptist Communicators Association
Name Title Membership Group
Margaret Dempsey-Colson Executive Director 2008-Present Editorial
Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware
Name Title Membership Group
Kris Buckman Communications Consultant 2022-Present Public Relations
Megan Jones Communications/Executive Office Coordinator 2022-Present Management
Sharon Mager Communications Specialist/BaptistLIFE Editor 2014-Present Editorial
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Name Title Membership Group
Sabrina Bailey Creative Lead 2023-Present Graphic Design
Grant Bivens Web Developer 2012-Present Electronic Media
Lori Coats Communication Ministry Assistant 2020-present Public Relations
Kali Daniells Graphic Artist 2023-Present Graphic Design
Chris Doyle Managing Editor 2013-Present Editorial
Dominic Graziano Videographer 2023-Present Electronic Media
Brian Hobbs Director of Communications 2009-Present Public Relations
Walter Johnson Chief Information Officer 2014-Present Electronic Media
Bob Nigh Contributing Writer 2013-2017; 2023-Present Editorial
Tythan Skipworth Web Designer 2023-Present Electronic Media
Baptist General Convention of Texas
Name Title Membership Group
Dan Martin Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Baptist General Convention of Texas (Texas Baptists)
Name Title Membership Group
Caleb Arndt Graphic Designer 2021-Present Graphic Design
Johann Dyck Senior Web Manager 2012-Present Electronic Media
Lauren Kendall Graphic Designer 2022-Present Graphic Design
Joshua Minatrea Director of Communications 2011-2013; 2018-Present Editorial
Zach Moore Web Specialist 2023-Present Electronic Media
Jeremiah Morales Social Media Specialist 2023-Present Electronic Media
Heather Penna Senior Marketing Consultant 2021-Present Editorial
Maritza Solano Graphic Designer 2011-2012; 2020-Present Graphic Design
Neil Williams Multimedia Specialist 2019-Present Photography
Marcus Wilson Junior Marketing Consultant 2022-Present Marketing
Spencer Wolverton Communications Specialist 2021-Present Public Relations
Baptist Message
Name Title Membership Group
Lynn Clayton Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Baptist New Mexican
Name Title Membership Group
Kevin Parker Editor Management
Baptist Press
Name Title Membership Group
Scott Barkley National Correspondent 2005-Present Editorial
Diana Chandler Senior writer 2013-Present Editorial
Laura Erlanson Managing Editor 2021-Present Editorial
Baptist Resource Network
Name Title Membership Group
Shannon Baker Director of Communications 2000-Present Management
Macala Mays Associate Editor, BRN United 2022-Present Editorial
Baptist State Convention of Michigan
Name Title Membership Group
Jamie Lynn Executive Assistant/Communication Coordinator 2020-present Editorial
Bay Leaf Baptist Church
Name Title Membership Group
Bobby Puffenburger Director of Communications 2015-Present Graphic Design
Baylor University
Name Title Membership Group
Julie Reed Advisor, Department of Student Media 2021-Present Editorial
California Baptist University
Name Title Membership Group
Mary Ann Pearson Professor of Communication and Education 2018-Present Public Relations
Vivian Quezada Public Relations 2020-Present Public Relations
Sonya Singh Director of Student Publications, Visiting Professor of Journalism 2021-Present Editorial
Jim Veneman Retired Professor--Journalism/New Media 1984-Present Photography
California Southern Baptist Convention
Name Title Membership Group
Matthew Brower Marketing Coordinator 2023-Present Electronic Media
Sarah Graham Director, Office of Communications 2022-Present Management
Michael Solorio Content Developer 2022-Present Graphic Design
Dallas Baptist Association
Name Title Membership Group
Jeremy Kish Minatrea Communications Specialist 2023-Present Photography
Dellinger Media
Name Title Membership Group
Anna Dellinger Content Creator 2018-Present Editorial
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
Name Title Membership Group
Elizabeth Bristow Press Secretary 2013-Present Public Relations
Julie Masson Director of External Engagement 2021-Present Marketing
Lindsay Swartz Nicolet Editorial Director 2014-Present Editorial
Jill Waggoner Content Editor 2013-17; 2021-Present Public Relations
First Baptist Church Montgomery
Name Title Membership Group
Amanda Smith Communications Director 2011-Present Marketing
Florida Baptist Convention
Name Title Membership Group
Barbara L. Denman Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Public Relations
Keila Diaz Digital Communications Assistant 2014-17/2019-Present Electronic Media
Micah Ferguson Strategic Initiatives 2019-Present Management
Donald S. Hepburn Retired Director, Public Relations/Missions Promotion/1971-Present LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Brooke Mannion Writer 2022-Present Editorial
David Moore Writer 2022-Present Editorial
Jessica Pigg Writer 2022-Present Editorial
James Powell Communications Specialist 2023-Present Graphic Design
Annie Pucciarelli Communications Ministry Assistant 2019-Present Graphic Design
Teodosia Rivera Writer 2023-Present Editorial
GuideStone Financial Resources
Name Title Membership Group
Renee Anderson Manager, Retirement Services 2022-Present Management
Lindsey Dingwell Event Coordinator, Marketing 2022-Present Marketing
Susan Ervien Marketing Strategist 2020-present Marketing
Rebekah Hardage Senior Manager, Brand Management 2015-Present Editorial
Roy Hayhurst Director, Denominational & Public Relations Services 2006-2011; 2015-present Public Relations
Nicolette Heape Senior Graphic Designer, Brand Management 2017-Present Graphic Design
Summer Kumar Senior Manager, Marketing Technology and Operations 2023-Present Editorial
Nicki Ledbetter Manager, Strategic Events 2021-Present Management
Matthew McDaniel Senior Multimedia Editor, Brand Management 2015-Present Electronic Media
Brittany McNally Senior Graphic Designer, Brand Management 2017-present Graphic Design
Aaron Meraz Director, Mission:Dignity 2020-present Management
Daria Richards Marketing Strategist - Retirement, Retirement Services 2022-Present Marketing
Tori Riesselman Graphic Designer, Marketing 2022-Present Graphic Design
Taylor Rogers Senior Marketing Strategist - Retirement, Retirement Services 2022-Present Marketing
Charlotte Spivey Supervising Multimedia Producer, Brand Management 2017-Present Management
Holly Taylor Content Marketing Editor, Marketing 2020-present Marketing
Hardin-Simmons University
Name Title Membership Group
Charles Richardson Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Public Relations
Home Mission Board
Name Title Membership Group
Jay Durham Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Public Relations
Illinois Baptist State Association
Name Title Membership Group
Nic Cook Network Communications Coordinator 2023-Present Electronic Media
Ben Jones Team Leader 2021-Present Management
Lisa Misner Social Media/Public Policy Manager 2001-2011; 2014-Present Editorial
Eric Reed Editor 2014-Present Editorial
Innovative Faith Resources
Name Title Membership Group
Ishmael LaBiosa Media Director 2011-Present Public Relations
Jesse Stevens Videographer / Editor 2021-Present Electronic Media
Innovative Faith Resources/SBC of Virginia
Name Title Membership Group
Brandon Pickett Vice President/Director of Mobilizing and Communications 2006-Present Management
International Mission Board
Name Title Membership Group
Bruna Bandoni-Smith Audiovisual Production Technician 2022-Present Electronic Media
Jeremiah Bouchard Audiovisual Production Technician 2021-Present Electronic Media
Erich Bridges Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Leslie Caldwell Senior Editor/Writer 2010-2015/2019-Present Editorial
Cary Enterline Project Coordinator 2022-Present Marketing
Dakotah Forbes Corporate Communications Coordinator 2022-Present Public Relations
Chad Helmer Web designer 2019-Present Electronic Media
Ed Herrelko Vice President of Marketing and Communications 2022-Present Management
Justin Hunt Marketing Manager 2019-Present Marketing
Taylor Jarratt Social Media Specialist 2022-Present Marketing
Lane Jones Brand Marketing Associate 2021-Present Editorial
Matt Jones Visual Communications Manager Photography
Terry Judge Marketing Specialist 2022-Present Marketing
Ann Lovell Internal Communications Director 2008-Present Public Relations
Julie McGowan Associate vice president of communications and public relations 1996-Present Editorial
Terry Pedigo Graphic Designer 2005-Present/ no renewal 2016, 2019-Present Graphic Design
Mark Ritter Audiovisual and Production Support Manager 2021-Present Electronic Media
Tessa Sanchez Writer 2010-2017; 2019-Present Editorial
Angela Sanford Marketing Associate 2020-present Marketing
Nick Seitz Video archivist/Editor 2019-Present Photography
Angie Shepherd Marketing Associate 2020-present Marketing
Jenn Short Marketing Director 2020-present Marketing
Justin Smith Audiovisual Production Technician 2021-Present Electronic Media
Myriah Snyder Senior writer 2015-Present Editorial
Stephanie Sollars Project Coordinator 2020-present Marketing
Kathleen Sparks Photographer 2016-2017/2019-Present Photography
Sue Sprenkle Writer 2001-2016; 2022-Present Editorial
JSB Business Services, LLC
Name Title Membership Group
Judy Bates Business Owner 2003-2018; 2021-present Management
LifeWay Christian Resources
Name Title Membership Group
Linda Lawson Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Management
Carol Pipes Director, Corporate Communications 2007-12; 2017-present Public Relations
Charles Willis Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Missouri Baptist Convention
Name Title Membership Group
Tony Boes Creative Services Group Leader 2023-Present Management
Mockingbird Communications
Name Title Membership Group
Van C. Payne Principal/Owner 1984-Present Editorial
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Name Title Membership Group
Erin Chandler Social Media Coordinator 2023-Present Electronic Media
Joseph Duke Director of Communications 2022-Present Electronic Media
Madelynn Duke Graphic Designer and Photographer 2021-present Graphic Design
Meredith Lewis Photographer 2023-Present Photography
Jonathan Skinner Visual Media Specialist 2022-Present Photography
Marilyn Stewart Senior Editor, Publications and News 2015-Present Editorial
North American Mission Board
Name Title Membership Group
Adam Bain Senior Creative Director 2017-Present Management
Hayley Catt Lead Social Media Consultant 2016-Present Graphic Design
Mike Ebert Executive Director of Public Relations 2008-Present Management
Shawn Elledge Art Manager 2006-Present Graphic Design
Brandon Elrod Public Relations Specialist 2017-Present Management
Tony Hudson Multimedia Story Production 2007-2013; 2016-Present Electronic Media
Carmon Keith Marketing and Events Coordinator 1994-2015; 2016-Present Public Relations
Gentry Parks Creative Visual Asset Manager 2019-Present Electronic Media
Faith Wroten Content Manager, Editor of On Mission 2015-Present Editorial
North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry
Name Title Membership Group
Carol Campbell Layton Director of Communications 2011-Present Editorial
Ouachita Baptist University
Name Title Membership Group
Ashley Carozza Graphic design coordinator 2018-Present Graphic Design
Felley Lawson Editorial Coordinator 2022-Present Editorial
PRAY Publishing
Name Title Membership Group
R. Chip Turner Director of Communication and Training LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Quail Springs Baptist Church
Name Title Membership Group
Brad Bishop Director of Communications 2023-Present Marketing
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Name Title Membership Group
Bailee Bullock Social Media Manager 2022-Present Electronic Media
Clarissa Hartman Graphic Designer 2022-Present Graphic Design
Matthew Jennings Web Specialist 2021-Present Electronic Media
Hannah Magan Assistant Director 2021-Present Marketing
Rebecca Pate Project Manager 2020-Present Management
Lauren Pratt News and Information Specialist 2018-Present Editorial
Francesca Salazar Graphic Designer 2021-Present Graphic Design
Patrick Shannon Content Creator 2021-Present Photography
Ryan Thomas Graphic Designer 2014-Present Graphic Design
Southern Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders
Name Title Membership Group
Allison Gentry Director of Communications and Event Planner 2018-Present Marketing
Southern Baptist Texan
Name Title Membership Group
Jayson Larson TEXAN Editor 2021-Present Editorial
Tammi Ledbetter Advertising Representative 2010-Present Editorial
Russell Lightner Designer/Paginator 2009-10; 2011-12; 2014-Present Graphic Design
Jane Rodgers Writer/Consultant 2013-2019; 2021-Present Editorial
Allen Sutton Designer 2013-2015; 2021-Present Graphic Design
Summit Church
Name Title Membership Group
Amy Whitfield Executive Director of Communications 2014-present Management
TAB Media
Name Title Membership Group
Dianna Cagle Production manager 2006-Present Editorial
Sam Evans Marketing Consultant 2020-Present Marketing
Lauren Chow Grim Creative Services Manager 2006-Present Graphic Design
James Hammack Digital Services Manager 2022-Present Electronic Media
Pam Henderson Regional Correspondent 2019-Present Photography
Trennis Henderson Regional Correspondent 1982-Present Editorial
Shawn Hendricks Director of Product Management 1998-Present Editorial
Jessica Ingram Event Coordinator 2019-Present Editorial
Carrie McWhorter Content Editor 2013-Present Editorial
Hannah Munoz Digital Editor 2014-Present Editorial
Jennifer Rash President 1996-Present Editorial
Tracy Riggs Correspondent 2022-Present Editorial
Grace Thornton Special assignments editor 2004-Present Editorial
Tennessee Baptist Mission Board
Name Title Membership Group
Nicki Brooks Marketing Manager 2002-2021; 2023-present Marketing
David Dawson Communications Specialist 2018-Present Editorial
Trish Dubes Senior Designer 2023-Present Graphic Design
Chris Turner Director of Communications 1997-2009, 2011-Present Public Relations
Lonnie Wilkey Editor, Baptist and Reflector 1998-Present Editorial
The Alabama Baptist
Name Title Membership Group
Bob Terry LIFETIME MEMBER Management
The Baptist Children's Village
Name Title Membership Group
Emily-Kate Ford Communications Associate 2023-Present Electronic Media
Chrystelle Thames Director of Communications 2019-Present Management
Union University
Name Title Membership Group
Blake Barnes Director for Creative Services 2021-Present Graphic Design
Tim Ellsworth Associate Vice President for University Communications 2002-present Editorial
Scott Lancaster Multimedia Producer 2010-Present Electronic Media
Cam Tracy Web Development Agent 2001-Present Electronic Media
University of Mobile
Name Title Membership Group
Kathy Dean Director of Media Relations 2006-Present Public Relations
Rovy Lopez Videographer/Photographer 2021-Present Photography
Lesa Moore Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations 2007-Present Marketing
Heath Vester Web Design Specialist 2017-2018; 2021-Present Graphic Design
Valley View Baptist Church
Name Title Membership Group
Bethany Rogers Franklin Media and Communications Director 2011-Present Electronic Media
Virginia Baptist Mission Board
Name Title Membership Group
Robert O'Brien Missions Communications Consultant/Retired LIFETIME MEMBER Editorial
Name Title Membership Group
Marissa Crowson Marketing Associate 2017-Present Graphic Design
Kedrick Nettleton Content Creator 2023-Present Editorial
Marcus Wehmuller Advertising Strategist 2023-Present Marketing
West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists
Name Title Membership Group
Cleve Persinger Communication + Partnerships Director 2020-present Management
Word & Way
Name Title Membership Group
Brian Kaylor Editor and President 2004-2011/2016-present/2019-present Editorial