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Baptist Communicators Association

BCA Membership Directory

BCA Members Sorted by Group

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Name Title Organization Membership
Shannon Baker National Correspondent/Design Editor BaptistLife 2000-Present
Scott Barkley Production Editor The Christian Index 2005-Present
Robin Bass Partnership Editions Director Western Recorder 2011-Present
Allan Blume Editor/President Biblical Recorder 2011-Present
Holly Brennan Writer/forward Team Leader International Mission Board 2014-Present
Erich Bridges Global Correspondent International Mission Board 1981-Present
Vicki Brown Associate Editor Word & Way 2009-Present
Connie Bushey News Editor/Baptist and Reflector Tennessee Baptist Convention 2014-Present
Dianna Cagle Assistant Managing Editor Biblical Recorder 2006-Present
Leslie Caldwell Projects Editor/Writer International Mission Board 2010-Present
Kristen Camp North American Mission Board 2014-Present
Janica Carter Director of Creative Services Samford University 2010-Present
Diana Chandler Staff writer Baptist Press 2013-Present
Lynn Clayton Retired Baptist Message LIFETIME MEMBER
Keith Collier Managing Editor Southern Baptist Texan 2007-2011; 2014-Present
Sharayah Colter Reporter Southern Baptist Texan 2013-Present
Annie Scheffe Corser Office Assistant and Writer Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Todd Deaton Editor Western Recorder 1999-Present
Marie Delph Deputy Communications Director Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2013-Present
Margaret Dempsey-Colson Executive Director/Freelance Writer 2008-Present
Keila Diaz South Florida Reporter Florida Baptist Witness 2014-Present
Ali Dixon News and Information Specialist Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Chris Doyle Associate Editor Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Jim Edminson Editor/Marketing and Public Relations Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina 1989-Present
Tim Ellsworth Associate Vice President for University Communications Union University 2002-present
Meredith Flynn Managing Editor Illinois Baptist State Association 2014-Present
Neisha Fuson Roberts The Alabama Baptist 2011-Present
Sheryl Hash Global Editor. Editor, International Mission Board 2006-Present
Benjamin Hawkins Associate Editor The Pathway 2013-Present
Shawn Hendricks Managing Editor Baptist Press 1998-Present
Don Hinkle Editor The Pathway 2005-Present
Oscar Hoffmeyer Retired Louisiana Baptist Convention LIFETIME MEMBER
Polly House Freelance Writer/Editor 1992-Present
Nicole Kalil Reporter Florida Baptist Witness 2014-Present
Andy Kanengiser University News Coordinator Mississippi College 2008-2011, 2013-Present
Mark Kelly BGR Communication Strategist International Mission Board 0000-Present
Ray Killebrew Assistant Professor of Communications Missouri Baptist University 1999-Present
Brian Koonce Staff Writer The Pathway 2007-Present
Carol Campbell Layton Administrative and Communications Manager North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry 2011-Present
Gary Ledbetter Editor in Chief, Communications Director Southern Baptist Texan, SBTC 2013-Present
Tammi Ledbetter News Editor Southern Baptist Texan 2010-Present
Sharon Mager Communications Specialist Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network 2014-Present
Dan Martin Retired Baptist General Convention of Texas LIFETIME MEMBER
Michael McEwen Content Editor Biblical Recorder 2013-Present
Julie McGowan Associate Director, Editorial International Mission Board 1996-Present
Carrie McWhorter Correspondent The Alabama Baptist 2013-Present
Adam Miller Associate Editor, On Missions Magazine North American Mission Board 2008-Present
Norman Miller Director of Communication and Marketing Truett-McConnell College 2004-2009; 2013-Present
Mary Moore Design Editor The Christian Index 2008-Present
Walker Moore Columnist, Baptist Messenger Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Hannah Munoz Intern The Alabama Baptist 2014-Present
Carolyn Nichols Newswriter/reporter Florida Baptist Witness 2014-Present
Bob Nigh Managing Editor Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2013-Present
Robert O'Brien Missions Communications Consultant Virginia Baptist Mission Board LIFETIME MEMBER
Julie Payne News writer The Alabama Baptist 2012-Present
Tobin Perry Content Design Editor/Mission Education Team North American Mission Board 2008-Present
Bonnie Pritchett News Correspondent Southern Baptist Texan 2012-Present
Jennifer Rash Executive Editor The Alabama Baptist 1996-Present
Eric Reed Editor Illinois Baptist State Association 2014-Present
David Roach Chief National Correspondent Baptist Press 2008-2010; 2014-Present
John Roberts Editor Emeritus The Baptist Courier LIFETIME MEMBER
Jane Rodgers Freelance Correspondent Southern Baptist Texan 2013-Present
Tyler Sanders Coordinator of Communications Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Lisa Sergent Communications Director, Contributing Editor Illinois Baptist State Asscoaiton 2001-2011; 2014-Present
Holly Smith Managing Editor California Southern Baptist 2002-Present
Michael Smith Associate Editor Florida Baptist Witness 2014-Present
Mary E. Speidel Senior Editor/Writer International Mission Board 1984-Present
Robert L. Stanley Retired Foreign Mission Board LIFETIME MEMBER
Ginger Swann Communications Coordinator Children at Heart Ministries 2014-Present
Lindsay Swartz Managing Editor of Content Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2014-Present
Bob Terry Editor, CEO The Alabama Baptist 1975-Present
Misty Thomas Writer International Mission Board 2014-Present
Art Toalston Baptist Press 1984-2002,2007-Present
R. Chip Turner Director of Communication and Training PRAY Publishing 1977-2012; 2015-Present
Joe Ulveling Project Manager/Family Ministries Missouri Baptist Convention 2013-Present
Jessica Vanderpool Assistant Editor/Officer Manager Arkansas Baptist News 2011-Present
Maggie Walsh Newswriter The Alabama Baptist 2014-Present
Greg Warner Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Charles Warren Retired LIFETIME MEMBER
Bill Webb Editor Word & Way 1978-1979, 1981-Present
Joe Westbury Managing Editor The Christian Index 1976-Present
Iris White Managing Editor Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware 2013-Present
Lonnie Wilkey Editor Baptist and Reflector 1998-Present
Charles Willis Retired LifeWay Christian Resources LIFETIME MEMBER
Mary Wimberley News/Feature Writer Samford University 2013-Present
Meredith Yackel Ministry Specialist North American Mission Board 2014-Present
Caleb Yarbrough Arkansas Baptist News 2011-Present
Tim Yarbrough Editor/Executive Director Arkansas Baptist News 1990-Present
Elizabeth Young Director of Communications Arizona Southern Baptist Convention 1983-Present