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  Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Name Title Organization Membership
William Adams Graphic designer Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
David Calvert Graphic Designer II Guidestone Financial Resources 2007-Present
Hayley Catt Production Designer North American Mission Board 2016-present
Jesse Conte Art Director Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions 2003-Present
Sean Copley Design Editor Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware 2002-Present
Royce DeGrie Senior graphic designer/staff photographer Tennessee Baptist Convention 2016-present
Shawn Elledge Graphics Consultant North American Mission Board 2006-Present
Natasha Fullard Freelance Graphic Designer 2011-Present
Lauren Chow Grim Graphic Artist The Alabama Baptist 2006-Present
Hannah Hanzel Art director Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma 2016-Present
Scott Heit Director of Creative Services Union University 2010-Present
Caitlyn Jameson Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 2016-present
Brittany Kuykendall Graphic designer II Guidestone Financial Resources 2015-Present
Russell Lightner Graphic Designer Southern Baptist Texan 2009-10; 2011-12; 2014-Present
Elizabeth Locke State Missionary/Associate Consultant Georgia Baptist Convention
Laura Elizabeth Martin Graphic Designer Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2016-present
Brittany McNally Graphic Designer II GuideStone Financial Resources 2016-present
Amanda Pritchard Graphic Designer University of Mobile 2013-Present
Bobby Puffenburger Graphic Specialist Innovative Faith Resources 2015-Present
Garland Sepulveda Graphic Designer GuideStone Financial Resources 2010-Present
Allen Sutton Graphic Designer Southern Baptist Texan 2013-Present
Gary Thomas Cartoonist Arkansas Baptist News 2014-2015/2016-Present
Ryan Thomas Graphic Designer Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2014-Present
Olivia Tichavsky Senior graphic designer Baylor University 2011-2014; 2015-Present
Corinne Williams Graphic designer Tennessee Baptist Convention 2016-Present
Eric Yarbrough Director of Marketing Design Baylor University 1999-Present
Rene Zimny Assistant Director of Graphic Services Ouachita Baptist University 2013-Present
Baptist Communicators Association

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