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BCA 2019 - Riverside, CA

Keynote Speakers

Mark Wyatt

Mark Wyatt has served since 2002 as vice president for marketing and communication at California Baptist University, which was recently listed as one of the top eight fastest-growing universities in the United States by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Previously, he served for 18 years as editor of the California Southern Baptist, the official publication of the California Southern Baptist Convention.

Breakout Speakers

Mike Schaffer

Mike Schaffer is a founder and partner at Echo-Factory, an award-winning advertising agency in Pasadena, Calif. whose the diverse past and current client list includes Maglite, Dainese, Goodwill Industries, GE, Audi USA, Honda and others. Schaffer started out as an advertising photographer, and he has produced a prizewinning body of work. As agency CEO, he also works closely with clients and his team of creatives throughout the marketing process and is a believer in the value of this type of ground-level leadership.