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BCA 2023 - Ridgecrest, NC

Schedule of Events

Monday, April 17

2 p.m. Registration Opens
3:30 p.m. New Member Fellowship Meet in Mountain Laurel C-level lobby to travel to The Hop in Black Mountain
6 p.m. Opening Dinner/Reception Mountain Laurel 1

Tuesday, April 18

7:30–8:30 a.m. Breakfast Mountain Laurel 1
8:45–9 a.m. Devotional: Brandon Elrod, NAMB Jim Henry Auditorium
9–9:45 a.m. For Everyone: Bob Smietana
Reorganized Religions and Today’s Christian Communicator

In this session, Amy Whitfield will chat with Bob Smietana about the changing religious landscape based on his recently published book, “Reorganized Religion.” The two will discuss how this changing landscape impacts and influences Christian communicators in today’s increasingly secular society.
Bob Smietana is national reporter for Religion News Service.
Jim Henry Auditorium
9:45–10 a.m. Break
10–11:15 a.m. Breakout Sessions #1
  • "Once Upon an Engagement Evaluation"
    Joshua Minatrea, Texas Baptists
    Mountain Laurel 1D
  • "At the Crossroads: Crisis Communications for Christian Leaders"
    Margaret Colson, BCA & Florida Baptists
    Mountain Laurel 2
  • "Telling the Untold Stories"
    Sonya Singh, California Baptist University
    Jim Henry Auditorium
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Lunch
For Everyone: Ed Herrelko
Marketing and Communicating Across Generations in a Noisy World: How to Tailor Your Strategy so Your Audiences Hear You

The world we live in is very different than the one we grew up in, and more than ever we have to learn to talk TO our audiences rather than AT them. In this session we will unpack some key differences across multiple generations that influence how they hear and respond to our communicative efforts. Additionally, we will look at new ways to make sure we are getting the right message to the right people at the right time … so that they take the right actions.
Ed Herrelko is vice president, marketing and communications for the International Mission Board.
Jim Henry Auditorium
1:15–2:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions #2
  • "How to Report on Faith Without Losing Yours"
    Bob Smietana, Religion News Service
    Mountain Laurel 1D
  • "Ageism in America - and the Church"
    Jim Edminson, Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina; and Carol Layton, North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry
    Mountain Laurel 2
  • "Cross Training for Success"
    Carrie McWhorter and Dianna Cagle, TAB Media
    Jim Henry Auditorium
2:45–4 p.m. For Everyone: Bobby Puffenburger, George Schroder, Kathleen Sparks and Jim Veneman
Becoming a Multimedia Communicator (You want me to do what?)

In this panel discussion, Margaret Colson will lead panelists to discuss how they have been challenged to grow from being a single-specialty communicator to a multifaceted communicator who is able to expand their capabilities in order to bring value to their organizations and communicate a message effectively and efficiently.
Jim Henry Auditorium
5 p.m. Free time/Dinner on Your Own
Asheville Tourists Baseball Game
Want to see the Minor League Baseball team Asheville Tourists take on the Winston-Salem Dash? Then make plans to join the fun. Meet in the Mountain Laurel C-level lobby at 5 p.m. for a 6:35 p.m. game at McCormick Field, 30 Buchanan Place, Asheville, NC 28801. Cost is $9.50 per person (tickets available to purchase at the registration desk for cash or by credit card below). Thirty-five tickets have been pre-purchased and are available on a first come/first served basis. Grab a hot dog or cheesesteak or whatever your tastebuds desire at McCormick Field!

Buy 1 Ticket Buy 2 Tickets

Wednesday, April 19

7:30–8:30 a.m. Breakfast Mountain Laurel 1
8:45–9 a.m. Devotional: Ann Lovell, IMB Jim Henry Auditorium
9–9:45 a.m. For Everyone: Darrel Girardier
Teamwork for Creatives

Darrel Girardier is director of communications for Brentwood Baptist Church in Nashville
Jim Henry Auditorium
9:45–10 a.m. Break
10–11:15 a.m. Breakout Sessions #3
  • "Making Sense of Gender Confusion"
    Katie McCoy, Texas Baptists
    Jim Henry Auditorium
  • "UX/UI for Communicators"
    Rene Zimny, Ouachita Baptist University
    Mountain Laurel 2
  • "How to Break Down Silos and Cut Low-Value Work with a Surprisingly Simple Communications Tune-up"
    Ann Lovell, IMB
    Mountain Laurel 1D
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Lunch
For Everyone: Joshua Minatrea, Mike Ebert, Shannon Baker, Macala Mays
Meant to Mentor

Our four panelists will discuss the value of the mentor/mentee relationship. Learn how to get connected, carve out time, and experience the personal and professional growth that can result from regular check-ins with a trusted friend.
1:15–2:15 p.m. Affinity Groups
  • Public Relations/Marketing: Jim Edminson
  • Graphic Design: Jesse Conte
  • Electronic Media/Photography: Cam Tracy
  • Editorial: Scott Barkley
  • Management: Shannon Baker
2:15–6 p.m. Missions Project
Free Time
Take a hike. Play some mini golf. Go to the workout room. Explore Black Mountain. Rock awhile. You have a few hours to do whatever you’d like to do. Enjoy!
6 p.m. Wilmer C. Fields Awards Dinner Mountain Laurel 1

Thursday, April 20

7:30–8:30 a.m. Breakfast Mountain Laurel 1
8:45–9 a.m. Devotional: Sarah Graham, California Southern Baptist Convention Jim Henry Auditorium
9–9:45 a.m. For Everyone: Daniel Darling
Building Unity with Social Media

Daniel Darling is the director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Jim Henry Auditorium
9:45–10 a.m. Break
10–10:30 a.m. Business Meeting Jim Henry Auditorium