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BCA Fall Forum - October 4, 2018

BCA Fall Forum - October 4, 2018

Our Fifth Annual Fall Forum

Representing communications teams from across the SBC, presenters will talk about a wide range of topics. The format of the forum will be fast-paced, with brief presentations followed by short times of discussion. From life-altering, unexpected moments, to projects that reshaped one's future, topics will come from the presenter's own life and work experiences.

This year’s BCA Forum is a bit different than the four that preceded it. First, it’s shorter, with four sessions rather than the eight that have been offered in the past, hopefully making it possible for more members to benefit from the entire event. Second, it’s later in the year, landing in the first week of October rather than mid-September. And third, this Forum has a thread running through it that we believe will appeal to all of our members, regardless of their skill set or level of experience.

We believe that each of our members is pursuing a career borne out of a passion to communicate the Gospel to a lost world. That passion typically manifests itself in a calling of sorts, an experience or a moment when you knew for sure that God was leading you into the field of Christian communications.

During our Forum, we’ll be taking a look at what bearing that calling has on our careers in a variety of ways. We’ll discover how it guided someone through a turbulent time of personal and professional turmoil to a result he wouldn’t have even imagined for himself. We’ll learn how it can help you keep your focus (and your sanity!) in a culture that’s becoming more and more cynical. We’ll hear from someone looking back on a six-decade career about how it defined his communications journey. And we’ll even see how it impacts our ability to be creative. After all, the Creator Himself is the one who called us into this work, and what better way to be imitators of God than by using the talents He has given us to be creative.

So consider this your invitation to join in the conversation, while you take a moment to consider the call to Christian communications God has placed on your life.

We’re grateful to the North American Mission Board, and especially BCA members Mike Ebert and Eric Kent, for hosting and facilitating the 2018 BCA Forum, and to each of you for participating.


  • 10 a.m. - Welcome
  • 10:10 a.m. - Doug Keesey, Managing Partner, OneMissionTV, LLC
  • 10:40 a.m. - Floyd Craig, President, Craig Communications, Inc
  • 11:10 a.m. - Break
  • 11:25 a.m. - Shawn Elledge, Art Director, North American Mission Board
  • 11:55 a.m. - Jennifer Rash, Editor-elect, The Alabama Baptist and Margaret Dempsey-Colson, Executive Director, BCA
  • 12:25 p.m. - Closing Remarks

Watch Each Session Below

  • Doug Keesey Doug Keesey
    Managing Partner
    OneMissionTV, LLC
    Ball Ground, Georgia

    Topic: "When Life Throws You a Curve"
    Doug Keesey can testify to the truth of Proverbs 16:9: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps” (HCSB). A longtime producer and video editor who has worked at CNN, The Family Channel and the North American Mission Board, Doug will share how God directed his steps following some unexpected professional and personal curve balls to lead him to embark on a new communications adventure.
  • Floyd Craig Floyd Craig
    Craig Communications, Inc
    Franklin, Tennessee

    Topic: "Sixty Years and Counting: Lessons Learned from a Career in Communications" (A Legacy Interview)
    As a seminary student in the late 1950s, Floyd Craig managed the school’s print shop and served as the official seminary photographer. Sixty years and a jam-packed career later, he continues to provide communications counsel through the company he founded in 1981. Equally comfortable with governors, seminary presidents and state convention executive directors, Floyd, a BCA Lifetime Member, will reflect on what has remained consistent during his years as a communications professional.
  • Shawn Elledge Shawn Elledge
    Art Director
    Creative Services & Marketing Team
    North American Mission Board
    Alpharetta, Georgia

    Topic: "Behind the Curtain on Creativity"
    Gleaning from his ten years of ministry at the North American Mission Board, Shawn will share some practical examples of the creative process, then let us in on a few Easter eggs found in NAMB design.
  • Jennifer Rash Jennifer Rash
    The Alabama Baptist
    Birmingham, Alabama

    Margaret Colson Margaret Colson
    Executive Director
    Baptist Communicators Association
    Marietta, Georgia

    Topic: "Claiming Your Calling in a Climate of Cynicism"
    How important is feeling a sense of calling to Christian communications? Just what is Christian communications anyway? And how does having a call to this field help you combat cynicism when it creeps into your workplace or mindset? Join in as two communications veterans discuss these and other significant topics in this lively session.