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BCA Fall Forum - Sept. 13, 2019

BCA Fall Forum - September 13, 2019

Our Sixth Annual Fall Forum

Representing communications teams from across the SBC, presenters will talk about a wide range of topics. The format of the forum will be fast-paced, with brief presentations followed by short times of discussion. From life-altering, unexpected moments, to projects that reshaped one's future, topics will come from the presenter's own life and work experiences.

We’re grateful to Baptist Press, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, and Union University for sponsoring our event. And a special thank you to LifeWay Christian Resources for providing the studio and technical support for the 2019 BCA Fall Forum.

Watch Each Session Below

  • Carol Pipes Carol Pipes
    Director of corporate communications
    LifeWay Christian Resources

    Topic: "Navigating Change in the Corporate Environment"
    Over the last year, LifeWay Christian Resources has moved into a brand new office building, announced the eventual closing of their retail stores, and installed a new CEO. That’s a lot of change in a short time for any organization.
  • Royce DeGrie Royce DeGrie
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Tennessee Baptist Mission Board
    Franklin, TN

    Topic: "If Not, Then..."
    The third chapter of Daniel provides a powerful example of God's providence in difficult situations, and Royce DeGrie, senior graphic designer with the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, can relate to it very personally. Royce discusses how he copes with a chronic illness while also seeking to be the communicator God has called him to be.
  • Amy Whitfield Amy Whitfield
    Director of Communications
    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Wake Forest, NC

    Jonathan Howe Jonathan Howe
    Vice President for Communications
    SBC Executive Committee
    Nashville, TN

    Topic: "How Podcasting Is Engaging and Informing a New Generation of Baptists"
    Launched in 2015, the "SBC This Week" podcast quickly gained attention and subscribers with its focus on weekly news from the Southern Baptist Convention. The podcast's hosts, Amy Whitfield and Jonathan Howe, discuss this timely topic.
  • Bobby Puffenburger Bobby Puffenburger
    Creative Director
    Innovative Faith Resources
    Lynchburg, VA

    Topic: "Getting Out Of A Creative Dry Spell"
    Another project is staring you in the face. But the ideas you’re thinking of have been done before. And all the new ideas don’t stick. You’re experiencing creator’s block - how do you break through and move forward? During this session, Bobby Puffenburger will share some ways to push through creative drought when the well runs dry.