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BCA Fall Forum - Sept. 25, 2020

BCA Fall Forum - September 25, 2020

Our Seventh Annual Fall Forum

Representing communications teams from across the SBC, presenters will talk about a wide range of topics. The format of the forum will be fast-paced, with brief presentations followed by short times of discussion. From life-altering, unexpected moments, to projects that reshaped one's future, topics will come from the presenter's own life and work experiences.


Introduction and Session 1: 2020: A Year of Lessons Amid Crisis

  • Jennifer Rash, Editor-in-Chief, The Alabama Baptist
  • Joshua Minatrea, Director of Communications, Texas Baptists
  • Myriah Snyder, Associate Editor, The Christian Index

If hindsight is 20/20, then 2020 should give us plenty to look back on. This panel will take a reflective look at 2020 and share some personal and professional lessons learned, including the importance of cross training, tips for leading teams remotely, and the value of resting in God’s presence during turbulent times. These are some lessons we can all take to heart as we move forward to 2021.

Session 2: At the Crossroads of Crisis: What Are You Going to Do?

  • Margaret Colson, BCA Executive Director and freelance writer

How can a church experience crisis and emerge victoriously? As professional communicators, we know the answer to that question. Effective communications can help take a church from where it is—in crisis—to where God wants the church to be—on mission for Him. Margaret will share some tips and best practices of church crisis communications that you can use to provide leadership to today’s church in crisis.

Session 3: Surviving Writer Fatigue in the Midst of Disaster

  • Gary Myers, Director of Communications, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Marilyn Stewart, Assistant Director for News, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Covering stories in the midst of an ongoing disaster and extended time of recovery can lead to writer fatigue. In this session, Gary and Marilyn will offer insights from their experience covering NOBTS’ and New Orleans’ long recovery after Hurricane Katrina as well as tips for avoiding burnout and emotional exhaustion. As they both faced personal loss from the storm, Gary covered the story at NOBTS while Marilyn wrote for the Louisiana Baptist Convention covering Baptist volunteers in the city.

Session 4: Reprioritizing on the Fly

  • Brooke Zimny, Assistant to the President for Communications & Marketing, Ouachita Baptist University

Whether we are responding to global pandemics, changing institutional priorities or day-to-day surprises, communicators are constantly juggling priorities and making judgment calls about what receives our limited time and energy. This session discusses the balancing act we all face when circumstances change unexpectedly.

Session 5: Cultivating the Habit of Remembering

  • Doug Rogers, Director of Communications & Technology Services, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

In times of uncertainty, it’s even more important to be acutely aware of God’s faithfulness to us in good times as well as the more difficult ones. Using humor from “The Andy Griffith Show,” this session will put a cap on our morning of professional development by reminding us of the value of forming habits in our lives that will keep us focused on God’s provision in our lives.