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Baptist Communicators Association

2007-08 History


  • Board Meetings:
    • September 14, 2007, LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville, Tennessee
    • February 3-4, 2008, LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Workshop:
    • April 16–19, 2008, Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort, Chandler, Arizona


  • President: David Winfrey, Mercer Human Resources Consulting
  • President Elect: Barbara Denman, Florida Baptist Convention
  • Program Vice President: Elizabeth Young, Arizona Southern Baptist Convention
  • Program Vice President-Elect: VACANT
  • Membership Vice President: Shawn Elledge, Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia
  • Missions Vice President: Joe Westbury, The Christian Index
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Bill Bangham, International Mission Board
  • Treasurer: Jason Crawford, Lawrence High School (Kansas)
  • Communications Vice President: Brenda Rick Smith, Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • Awards Chairman: Kimberly Quinn, Missouri Baptist Foundation
  • Historian: Cam Tracy, Union University
  • Administrative Coordinator: Keith Beene (died on November 16, 2007)


Ninety-six BCA members and guests participated in the annual workshop in Phoenix.

Members collected an offering for North American missionary Louis Spears, church planting strategist in Arizona's Valley Rim Association. The $636 that was given will be used to purchase Spanish Bibles for those Spears' ministry is reaching with the gospel.

The program included a tribute to Keith Beene, who served as BCA administrative coordinator for 12 years prior to his unexpected death in November 2007. "Frankly, Keith Beene was a godsend," according to former BCA president Terry Barone, who had a hand in Beene's hiring in 1994. Barone described Beene's commitment to his task as BCA coordinator as well as his loving devotion to his family.

In the business session Friday, members recognized three students who will be receiving scholarships from BCA: graduate student, $500, Brian Koonce, Midwestern Seminary; undergraduate student, $1,000, Christi Ann Mitchell, OBU; minority student, $1,000, Junghoo Song, Union University.

Members also named a committee of three immediate past BCA presidents (Joe Westbury, Norman Jameson, Doug Rogers) to explore options to grow an endowment fund of $5,000 provided by Missouri Baptist Foundation for future scholarships.

Members also voted to hire Margaret Dempsey as BCA administrative coordinator. The 2009 annual workshop is scheduled for April 15-18 in Nashville, and in 2010 BCA will hold its annual workshop April 7-10 in conjunction with Religion Communication Congress (RCC) in Chicago.

Workshop Details


  • Arthur S. Davenport Award for Exceptional Achievement in Public Relations:
    Florida Baptist Convention Public Relations Division for "See the Florida Mission Field"
  • Exceptional Achievement Award in Interactive Communications:
    Media Group of International Mission Board for "Commission Stories website"
  • M.E. Dodd Award for Exceptional Achievement in Audio-Visual Communications:
    South Asia Media Team of International Mission Board for "The Caravan"
  • Fon H. Scofield Award for Exceptional Achievement in Publication Photography:
    Matt Jones of International Mission Board for "Moldova"
  • Frank Burkhalter Award for Exceptional Achievement in News Writing:
    Don Graham of International Mission Board for "I Left My Appendix in Bogata"
  • Leonard Holloway Award for Exceptional Achievement in Feature Writing:
    Polly House of Lifeway Christian Resources for "With 2000 Prayers of Salvation Nell Kerley is Still Going Strong"
  • Albert McClellan Award for Exceptional Achievement in Print Media and Design:
    Kathryn Carson of Baptist State Convention of North Carolina for "Great and Wondrous Things"
  • Full Listing

President's Observations

Shortly after Administrative Coordinator Keith Beene died, several people asked what would happen to BCA now that he was gone. I understood their concern, but in the days after Keith died, I realized that BCA would continue to thrive particularly because of the foundation of work Keith had put into the organization. It also would continue to serve Baptist communicators because of the hard work of several leaders who were determined to make sure BCA didn't wither on their watch. Now, several months later, I want to share with you some signs of BCA's health.

  • Writing this, a couple days after the registration deadline, more than 90 members and spouses have registered for the Phoenix workshop. This would be the highest attendance in years. That's particularly impressive, considering that our meetings in Western states often have lower attendance. The strong registration numbers are a testimony to the great work of Program Chair Elizabeth Young and her host team. They have built a terrific program, secured a fine hotel, and strongly promoted the workshop. Thanks to all of you who are able to attend.
  • Agencies and institutions contributed more than $9,000 in sponsorships for the workshop. This support helps BCA stay within budget without having to increase registration fees too much. It also represents the value that many organizations place in BCA to develop their communications professionals.
  • More than 50 of you have embraced BCA's Facebook page as a way to stay connected with fellow members. This is an important step toward building dialogue among members throughout the year, not just at the workshop. If you haven't joined, please consider doing so soon.
  • President-Elect Barbara Denman has led the effort to hire the next administrative coordinator. Past Presidents Philip Poole and Terry Barone have offered insights from when they hired Keith to provide some guidance for this process. Six candidates sent resumes to be considered for this post. Barbara is hoping to announce the selection during the meeting in Phoenix.
  • Your officers have performed admirably despite lacking an administrative coordinator to lean on. In February, they traveled to Nashville for a two day-meeting despite the fact that some yahoo (yours truly) found the only date that worked included Super Bowl Sunday. I could tell you stories about how each officer has helped advance BCA in recent months. For now, just know that I am proud to serve with each of them.

Today BCA is in a strong position to perform its dual purpose of developing and networking Baptist communications professionals. That will be especially evident during the workshop in Phoenix. But it will continue to be the case throughout the year.

Baptist Communicators Association

Executive Director: Margaret Colson | 678-641-4457
Current Officers


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