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Baptist Communicators Association

2012-13 History


  • Board Meetings:
    • October 1, 2012, LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville, Tennessee
    • March 4, 2013, Capital Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Workshop:
    • April 17–20, 2013, Capital Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas


  • President: Russ Rankin, LifeWay Christian Resources
  • President Elect: Jim Veneman, Union University
  • Past President: Julie McGowan, Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Program Vice President: Trennis Henderson, Ouachita Baptist University
  • Program Vice President-Elects: Polly House, Lifeway Christian Resources and Shawn Hendricks, Biblical Recorder
  • Membership Vice President: Stella Prather, Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes
  • Missions Vice President: Melissa Lilley, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Don Graham, Freelance Photographer
  • Treasurer: Barbara L. Denman, Florida Baptist Convention
  • Communications Vice President: Scott Barkley, The Christian Index
  • Awards Chairman: Matt Jones, Correspondent
  • Awards Chairman Elect: Joni Hannigan, Florida Baptist Witness
  • Historian: Cam Tracy, Union University
  • Executive Director: Margaret Colson


Led by program chair Trennis Henderson and his team, those attending the 2013 BCA workshop in Little Rock experienced an outstanding mix of challenging professional development, along with time for building important relationships with colleagues.

The theme for this year's workshop was "Mission: Impact." The goal was to highlight the life-changing impact our work can have as Christian communicators as well as our professional mission. From start to finish we were reminded of the many ways we reach a lost world. Marketing, public relations, editorial, design, electronic media, photography, social networking and management were all highlighted. Creative breakout sessions, outstanding field trips, and a powerful mission experience provided the heart of an excellent workshop.

Workshop Details


  • Arthur S. Davenport Award for Exceptional Achievement in Public Relations:
    Barbara Denman and Don Hepburn of the Florida Baptist Convention for "Maguire State Mission Offering"
  • Diane Reasoner Award for Exceptional Achievement in Interactive Communications:
    AsiaStories Web Team of the International Mission Board for "AsiaStories"
  • M.E. Dodd Award for Exceptional Achievement in Audio-Visual Communications:
    Chris Sinclair of Chris Sinclair Visuals for "Judson: A tale of two men changing lives"
  • Fon H. Scofield Award for Exceptional Achievement in Publication Photography:
    Hugh Johnson of the International Mission Board for "Mongolia, a Shifting Society"
  • Frank Burkhalter Award for Exceptional Achievement in News Writing:
    Susie Rain of the International Mission Board for "Japan's One-Year Anniversary"
  • Leonard Holloway Award for Exceptional Achievement in Feature Writing:
    Erich Bridges of the International Mission Board for "Arab Revolutions"
  • Albert McClellan Award for Exceptional Achievement in Print Media and Design:
    IMB Event and Design Team for "2012 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering SBC Display"
  • Full Listing

Task Force

The 2012-13 BCA Task Force included the following members:

  • Cam Tracy, web development agent, Union University (TN) / BCA historian and webmaster
  • Scott Barkley, production editor, The Christian Index (GA) / BCA communications VP
  • Shawn Elledge, graphics consultant, NAMB (GA)
  • Ishmael LaBiosa, media specialist, Innovative Faith Resources (VA)
  • Russ Rankin, corporate communications, LifeWay (TN) / BCA president
  • Margaret Dempsey-Colson, BCA executive director (GA)
  • Julie McGowan, news & media relations director, Oklahoma Baptist University (OK)

The Task Force focused on addressing the current website design to consider a possible redesign. As we began this discussion, it quickly came to our attention that if we had any ideas of updating the current BCA logo, we should address that issue before embarking on a new website redesign.

We invited BCA members to enter a logo design contest, submitting their recommendations for a new logo. We received 20 new logo ideas.

Members had the opportunity to indicate if they prefer the current logo or prefer one of the new choices submitted in the contest. The response = 50 members preferred to select a new logo, and 20 members preferred to retain the current logo. {So a total of 70 members provided feedback.}

Of the 20 logo ideas submitted, the five receiving the most votes were submitted by Brooke Zimny from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, Scott Heit from Union University in Tennessee, and Michael Prather from PratherDesign, Inc., in Kentucky - with Brooke Zimny submitting three of the top five designs.

The Task Force then re-evaluated the three designs which received the most votes, requesting variations from Brooke Zimny and Scott Heit. The final design selected by Task Force is also the design which received the most votes by the BCA membership. Brooke Zimny's entry was selected as the winning design.

Baptist Communicators Association

Executive Director: Margaret Colson | 678-641-4457
Current Officers


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